Wind and Water: Puzzle Battles


Original and fun puzzles for every taste


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Wind and Water: Puzzle Battles is a puzzle game with elements of role-playing in which you embark on an adventure set in a world where disputes are settled through puzzle challenges.

The gameplay is very easy to learn, but a lot more difficult to master. There's a board full of color blocks that you have to erase by matching all the ones with the same color. The key is to rotate groups of four pieces, which is not an easy task.

The story mode in Wind and Water: Puzzle Battles lets you enjoy an adventure in proper RPG style, where you move over a large map talking to other characters. This story can last some 20 to 30 hours.

Besides the single-player campaign, Wind and Water: Puzzle Battles includes a multiplayer mode where you can challenge any of your friends. In these duels that last just a few minutes, you can find out who the most skillful player is.

Wind and Water: Puzzle Battles is a fun puzzle game that's been commercialized on other consoles like Dreamcast and is now completely free for PC.